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Large Bone Dog Birthday Cookie - B'Day

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A delicious Bone Shaped Gourmet baked dog treat for your four legged furry friends Birthday. The doggie treat is a solid bone for the larger pooch. A yummy nutty base with liver and only natural ingredients. Delicately dipped in Huds & Tokes low fat Yoghurt Frosting, specially designed and hand decorated. Each large bone has it's own style!

This treat is a hard biscuit and has some definite Dental Benefits as well!!

Made with Human Grade Quality Ingredients and NO NASTY PRESERVATIVES.


Whole Flour, Peanut Butter, Liver, Whole Egg, Beef Stock, Apple Cider Vinegar, Natural Yogurt Frosting and Sprinkles.

No added salt or sugar and preservative free.

100% Australian made.