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Pink Soft Mesh Harness (Discontinued Stock)

Designer: Urban Pup


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This soft mesh has been designed by Urban Pup to provide the ultimate in comfort and safety. It features a breathable material for maximum air circulation that helps prevent your dog overheating and is held in place by a secure clip in action. The soft padded breathable side covers the dogs chest and the lead clips onto the D-Ring between the shoulder blades. Trimmed in black which besides being stylish is also practical in that it will not get dirty easily. 

Sizing: Urban Pup is small sizing, please check your sizing below!

Please note Urban Pup sizing is different to American River and Coco & Pud.
(measure by chest circumference)
Urban Pup's Dog harnesses are measured by maximum chest circumference. This is the widest part of your dog's chest, usually just behind the front legs.

Urban Pup Sizing 

 Size  Chest Circumference
XX-Small 20cm - 25cm
Large 45cm - 53cm
X-Large 53cm - 60cm